About Us

SPEDVIL is a Polish, family-owned, rapidly growing company. We have knowledge, experience, competence, potential and prospects. Our company is a responsible business partner, flexible in action and open to individual customer needs. With us you can feel safe, because transport and forwarding is our passion. SPEDVIL offers a comprehensive service for the turnover of goods at home and abroad. Our offer is aimed at handling international, domestic and abnormal transport. Any cargo entrusted to us, is covered by insurance:

  • OCP (third-party liability insurance) – at the customer’s request, we can additionally insure the goods (Cargo insurance) on favorable terms.

We also have:

  • Domestic, international, carrier, freight forwarder insurance;
  • Domestic, international and freight forwarder’s license;

All transportation is carried out on the basis of the CMR Convention, the Carriage Law and the Civil Law Code.

Our mission is to organize transportation – to organize life, with every kilometer bringing the realization of people’s plans and intentions closer. Remaining indifferent to the needs and problems of others – to identify market success not with increased consumption, but with increasing opportunities – self-realization, development, helping others.

Our strategy and modus operandi is to plan transportation with passion and imagination responding to micro changes in the transportation market. Constantly strive to improve on-time delivery and achieve the status of “reliable in any situation”. Provide professional advice. Strive to strengthen the market position and achieve a decisive competitive advantage.

We consider customer satisfaction and dignified representation to be a priority, which is why we enjoy such great trust from our contractors.

We put at your disposal qualified personnel who guarantee a professional approach to each client, as well as adaptation to their needs. Our domain is speed of action and reliability in the tasks entrusted to us. SPEDVIL is transportation: punctual, reliable, competitively priced, in accordance with the current just-in-time standards.